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  • Support imt smart home system
  • Google Assistant products
  • Malaysia Weather, Traffic
  • Spotify Music
  • Affordable
  • All UK Plug
  • English, Chinese
imt Build HomeKit System into your new lovely home. These leading builders offer HomeKit packages to make your home smart from the start.
  • Support Apple Homekit products

  • Works perfect with Apple Devices

  • Luxury, ultimate simplicity and clean

  • English, Chinese, Malay, Cantonese


  • Support Mi Home smart products

  • Affordable price

  • Only CN Plug

  • Chinese

tian mao
  • Free limited music

  • Support limited Mi & imt products

  • Support imt smart home system

  • Chinese

imt Smart Door Lock
  • Keyless, simple, stable, safer

  • 5 unlock ways: finger print, app, password, card

  • Door open record

  • Support temporary password

  • Battery life up to 1 year

  • Easy battery replacement, USB charging

  • Low battery notification to app

  • Free installation


imt Smart Camera & Alarm
  • No hacking wall require

  • AI motion detection

  • Monitoring via mobile app

  • Spotlight auto on protection

  • 1080p HD

  • 2 way communication

  • Up to 64GB video record

  • Full house 120 db siren protection

  • Free installation

imt Smart Curtain & Blinds
  • Free your hand, enjoy lovely day without open curtain manually

  • Timer control

  • 100% customise your daily scene

  • Let the sunrise wake you up

  • Flexible curtain system design

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