Smart Home Introduction

Smart Home Introduction

Do you know what the smart home is? What are the benefits of the smart home system?
From the past, everyone having the stereotypes that smart home system are expensive and luxury. However, the intergrade of technology nowadays make the smart home system more common and the price of it is getting affordable to everyone. In this modern era, the smart home system is not a luxury lifestyle, but a common and important element that makes our life more convenient and comfortable.
In addition, a smart home enhanced user life quality with their security, living in a comfortable atmosphere, and helps to manage lighting, temperature, entertainments are remotely controlled from different location via the internet or the smartphone. It is convenient, intelligent, and easy to use. As smart homes are connected through network whereby most of the appliances is wireless when setting up a smart home system.
Control ways of smart product
1. App control
The most significant point of the smart home system is you can control your home devices from your smart phone. Through the app, you can control the door lock, lighting, curtain, and security devices anytime. For example, you can set a timer or different scene for the different smart products through IMT app. Moreover, you can always make a change about the smart product setting by the app. Additionally, you also can check the video of security camera through the app anytime and everywhere. So, if you are travelling or busy with work, you can updated your home situation by the app. With the IMT app, there is multiple functions and make your life more convenient.
2. Voice command
Next, another important control way for smart home system is voice command. You can control the smart devices through voice even a single word or simple sentence. For instance, you can control open the curtain with “Hey Google, open the curtain.” Then the curtain will open automatically. Besides, you also can change the lighting colour through a voice command such as “Hey Google, change the light to blue colour.” Thus, the light will change from white to blue. So, the voice command is very convenient except using the app.
3. Timer
Furthermore, you can control the smart devices by the timer setting. The timer setting can help you in saving time because after setting all the product is function automatically at the time. Besides, this also helps you in saving energy, because the devices will open and close on time so you don’t need to check the devices here and there before you leave home. Especially for the busy work life people, it is convenient in use.
4. Automation
Last but not least, you can use the automation to control the smart devices. This automation function can connect between each device, for smart example door lock and smart curtain. When the smart door lock is unlocked, the smart curtain in living room will automatically open. This convenient because when you arrived home and you don’t need to open the curtain manually. Moreover, if you install a motion detector in the bedroom and the lighting in the bedroom will automatically switch on when you enter the room. After you move out from the bedroom then the lighting in the bedroom will automatically switch off if it is not detected any motion.

Benefit of smart home

1. Comfortable
Home is the most relaxing place for everyone and people nowadays pursue about comfortable lifestyle. With a smart home system, you can customize your home follow your requirement. For instance, the traditional smart lighting only function in on and off, but smart lighting today can function as RGB, dimmer, and warm white. You can adjust the lighting with your mood, the lighting can help in enhancing the atmosphere. In addition, warm lighting can help people in relax after busy work.
2. Convenient
Secondly, the user can manage all the home devices from one app. All the smart devices will connect to the smart home application. So, the user can check to the connected smart home application directly when there is any problem with the devices. Besides, the user can set and control all the home devices in the same smart home application. Therefore, this is convenient and efficient for the user to manage their smart devices.
After reading this smart home introduction, are you interested to start your smart home journey?
95% of Malaysian will choose a smart home provider to provide them with a full smart home service. For example, IMT. IMT as a professional smart home provider Malaysia, they are aiming to provide 100% customized service, affordable price, good product quality and after-sales service to all their customers.

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