Best camera without monthly fee

What is the best camera without a monthly fee?

In the market, there is much variety of security cameras such as normal IP camera and monthly fee method camera. This two type of camera have their pros and cons. For example, the normal IP camera is in affordable price but the recorded video only analyses in normal AI calculation. However, the monthly fee method camera is support the special AI calculation way for the security video. This can help make the camera getting smart because the AI calculation will help to recognize accurately the people in the security video. Besides, monthly fee method camera is supporting online storage, all the security video will be save in cloud, no SD card needed.
The best camera in Malaysia
In Malaysia, the best camera is IP camera without monthly fee. This is because the price of monthly fee camera is high, however, the IP camera is affordable for every Malaysian. The feature of IP camera is motion detection, two-way talk, night version, and water proof.
1. Motion detection
The importance of motion detector for security cameras cannot be overstated, especially if you want to record any suspicious activity that may go on while the camera is active. Besides, you can also receive alerts on your phone if something moves when it shouldn’t.
2. Two-way talk
Speakers on a security camera enable two-way communication between the person monitoring the video stream and the person in front of the camera. With this, you could communicate with a person knocking on your front door when you’re home alone or away, or you could also notify an intruder that law enforcement is on its way and that they have been caught on camera.
3. Nigh version
Many IP Surveillance cameras bolster night vision by killing the IR Filter which makes the picture visible during the evening. This is good if you want security measure to work 24-7. Therefore, the users no need to worry about the safety issue both day and night.
4. Water proof
It is important for water resistance of security camera, especially for the outdoor camera. Not only an indoor camera, but we do also need outdoor camera for car park, carport, garden and others. So, water proves is an important feature for a camera. Because the outdoor need to function whether under hot sun or raining day.

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