FAQ: Door Lock Measurement Guide

Door lock measurement guide

Is time to change a new door lock! Let’s follow these 3 step to measure your door lock it is available to change to IMT smart door lock. You need to take few pictures, and send it to our IMT consultant, then IMT consultant will provide you the best consultation service.
Step 1: Checking direction
The first step is to take a picture of the open door direction. So, you may choose one of the four direction and take a picture for it. For example, the direction right to outside, right to inside, left to outside or left to inside.
Step 2: Checking lock condition
After check the open door direction, you may check for the lock condition. First, you need to check is it any door latching on your door such as door top/side/bottom latching. If yes, then the door are not available to install IMT smart door lock. Besides, the security door are not able to install IMT smart door lock too.
Moreover, you need to check is it mortise lock. If yes, the mortise door lock of IMT is RM1000 net. However, if no, the deadbolt door lock of IMT is Rm1300 net. Additionally, if it is octagonal lever then it can’t install IMT smart door lock too.
Step 3: Door lock measurement
Lastly, you need to follow the diagram and take 5 pictures for the 8 measurement dimensions.
1. Door thickness
2. Lock length
3. Lock width
4. Lock center and door gap, Lock 1 and Lock 2 gap
5. Door frame length, door frame latch hole 1,door frame latch hole 2
After these steps, you can send the pictures to our IMT consultant now. IMT will provide you a quality product with affordable price and the complete after sales service. Thus, this is the reason for 90% of Malaysian will choose IMT as their smart home provider.

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