Benefit of smart curtain

1. Convenient
The multi-control way of smart curtain and blind is the most significant different compare with traditional curtain and blind. IMT smart curtain can be controlled in 5 ways which is app, voice command, timer, automation scene connect with other devices, and manually. Uses can choose any control ways that you like to control your smart curtain. So, the smart curtain and blind is convenient for our life.
2. Create different scene
Furthermore, you can use the app to create different scene for your smart curtain. For example, movie scene, vacation mode, sleeping mode and so on. You can switch on the movie scene, and the curtain will be close while you are enjoying the movie. In addition, when you turn on the vacation mode, then your curtain will never open until the vacation mode if turn off. Thus, smart curtain have more benefit compare with traditional curtain.
3. Increase home safety
Last, for those users who always busy at work or travelling that always not at home. Smart curtain is important in protect home safety because this can prevent the stranger peeping into your house. Then this can increase your home safety.

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