How curtain track work?

1. App
IMT smart curtain can be controlled through the IMT app. After setting, you can control open and close of the curtain by the app other than open it manually. Besides, even you are not at home, you can use the app to check is the curtain close. If not, you can close the curtain remotely.
2. Voice command
Next, you can use voice commanding to control open and close your smart curtain. Additionally, you can control the open percentage for the smart curtain. For example, when you say “Hey Google, open the curtain to 50%.” Then, the curtain will automatically open to 50%, it is totally control with hand-free.
3. Timer
Moreover, IMT smart curtain can control through timer setting. You can set different timer in one day like 7.00 AM, 9.00 AM, 6.00 PM and 11.00PM. After setting, the smart curtain will open every 7.00 AM and let the sunshine wake you up. Besides, 11.00 PM, the curtain will close when you’re going to sleep.
4. Automation scene connect with other devices
Furthermore, you can connect your IMT smart curtain with aother smart devices such as IMT smart door lock. This is more convenient, because when you are unlock your smart door lock and the smart curtain will open automatically. So, you don’t need to use any voice command, app, or manually to open the curtain when you are arriving home.
5. Manually
Lastly, smart curtain have different ways to control but of course it can open and close manually. So, the users can choose the most suitable ways to control their smart curtain.

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