What is smart lighting?

Nowadays, people are getting smart and the lighting too, the smart lighting improve our life quality. From the traditional light to the LED light and now comes with the smart light. The smart lighting now not only function in on or off, but it can be a dimer, temperature change, colour change and other. Moreover, the smart lighting separate in 2 type which is smart light bulbs and smart light switches.
For smart bulbs is just plug into your existing light fittings and it is easy then change the smart switches. With smart light bulbs, you can control the lighting in dimming, colour-changing, and temperature- changing from your smartphone. Besides, you can also set up interesting automation, such as automatically turning on at sunset, and turning off when you leave. 
On the other hand, smart light switches replace the existing switches. When you are using the smart switches it can work with existing bulb, then you don’t need to change all the original light build to smart bulb. So, this may help you in saving cost. Furthermore, the smart light switches also can manage and control by the app, you may also use voice command to control your lighting system.

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