Do smart locks needs WiFi?

This is a common question among those who looking to purchase a Malaysia smart lock, particularly a digital door lock. So, can imt smart door lock work without internet? The answers are yes, although some features are unavailable.

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Smart Door Lock without Wi-Fi connection ?

One of the best features about imt smart door lock are by using the imt Smart Home’s app; imt Home, you are able to remote open the gate for visitor even you are mile away from home. However, without internet connection, you won’t be able to access the imt Home. Although imt smart door lock can still function without a internet connection, you can only use fingerprint, password, card, and key to unlock them.

Smart Door Lock with Wi-Fi connection

With internet connection, you can control the smart door lock through the imt Home. In instance, you are able to access imt Home. Additionally, the imt Home not only allows you to remote open the door, but also view the open-door history or set a temporary password option. In short, your smart door lock will still function without internet, however you won’t able to access imt Home functionalities. In Conclusion, to experience the full functionality from imt smart door lock, you need internet to access the imt Home.

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