Do smart locks needs WiFi?

Do smart locks needs WiFi?

This is common question that came in mind when someone want to buy smart lock especially digital door lock with wifi. The answers is yes but some feature are not be able to use.

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Without WiFi connection
Without Wi-Fi connection, the smart door lock are still function well, but some function are not able to use. You are only available to use the fingerprint, password, card, and key to unlock your smart door lock. However, you cannot control your smart door lock from the app. Additionally, you can’t use the app to open the door for your visitors when you are not at home. This also applied to digital smart door lock with wifi

With WiFi connection
With Wi-Fi connection, you can control the smart door lock through the app. For example, you can use app to remote open the door. Additionally, you are able to check the open door history from the app. Besides, you also can use the temporary password function when it is connected to Wi-Fi. For instance, you can give your friend a temporary password to open the door when you are not at home. In short, the smart door lock is still working without Wi-Fi connection but some of the function may be affected. The better solution is always connect the smart door lock with your home Wi-Fi to enjoy the complete function of the smart door lock. This also applied to digital smart door lock with wifi

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