The development prospects of smart curtains

Curtain in living room

Curtain and blinds a crucial elements in our house to guard our privacy, block the passage of sunshine, and decorate our house. Within the past, we’ve to open the traditional curtain and blind manually, but now the smart curtain is more convenient for our life. Malaysia has around 400 curtain industries are selling traditional curtain, therefore the competency is extremely high and the demand for the smart curtain is becoming higher lately but the local curtain industry couldn’t fulfil their needs. This is often one of the explanations that the traditional curtain industry couldn’t provide a competitive advantage with the smart curtain industry in this market.

Besides that, there are data shows the smart curtain industry was valued at USD 3.88 billion in 2019 and it’s expected to succeed in USD 6.09 billion by 2025. Many local traditional curtain industries have begun to transform their business into the smart curtain industry because there are enormous business opportunities in the smart curtain industry.

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The smart home Malaysia market is an extensive and innovative, and it is currently the most promising emerging market. Instead of guarding the saturated traditional door lock market, it is better to join imt smart home and build your curtain future together.

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