Smart Auto gate introduction

The gate is the first defendant to protect our home safety. Our traditional autogate has evolved into a smart autogate thanks to improvements of smart home system Malaysia. An autogate is an installation done on a gate so the opening and closing of the gate can be carried out automatically from a distance using a remote-control button. However, smart autogate, on the other hand, is a faster technique to unlock than autogate.

Traditional auto gate VS IMT smart auto gate

Auto gate

Traditional auto gate

IMT smart auto gate

Unlock way

Switches, controller

App, voice command, switches, controller

Convenient level



First of all, the traditional autogate only can open by the controller or manually. However, once your controller’s battery runs out, you won’t be able to open the autogate, this lead to inconvenient. On the other hand, the convenience level of imt Smart Home autogate is high compared with traditional autogate.

This is because the imt smart autogate can control through the imt Home; imt app, voice command, controller, and switches. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the controller runs out of battery because you can control it through imt Home. With imt Smart Home, you can control your autogate anytime and everywhere with your smartphone, all you have to do is download imt app; imt Home. Thus, you can still open gate for your friend even you are away.

Additionally, imt smart autogate also works with wifi or without wifi. So, it’s pretty convenient and suitable for Malaysian citizens to use this imt smart auto gate. Last but not least, 90% of Malaysians will choose a reliable smart home company to provide them with professional smart home service such as imt Smart Home. With the help of a professional smart home provider like imt Smart Home, you may enjoy your convenient life with smart devices. Begin your smart home adventure at the imt smart autogate with imt Smart Home now!!

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