Malaysia Smart Lighting

What is smart lighting in Malaysia?

Nowadays, people are getting smart and the lighting too, the smart lighting improve our life quality. From the traditional light to the LED light and now comes with the smart light. The smart lighting now not only function in on or off, but it can be a dimer, temperature change, colour change and other. Moreover, the smart lighting separate in 2 type which is smart light bulbs and smart light switches. For smart bulbs is just plug into your existing light fittings and it is easy then change the smart switches. With smart light bulbs, you can control the lighting in dimming, colour-changing, and temperature- changing from your smartphone. Besides, you can also set up interesting automation, such as automatically turning on at sunset, and turning off when you leave. On the other hand, smart light switches replace the existing switches. When you are using the smart switches it can work with existing bulb, then you don’t need to change all the original light build to smart bulb. So, this may help you in saving cost. Furthermore, the smart light switches also can manage and control by the app, you may also use voice command to control your lighting system.

Traditonal lighting

Smart lighting

Energy efficiency

Not efficient



High cost

Low cost


Normal function


First of all, in the aspect of energy-efficient smart lighting is more efficient than traditional lighting. This is because the smart bulbs last much longer and generate less heat than the original light bulbs. Therefore, the smart bulb uses less energy and it is efficient. Next, when the smart lighting using less energy then it will cost less energy cost. So, this may help you to save money. In addition, the smart lighting is not the only function in on and off, it is multi-functional. With smart lighting, you can control your lighting in the home by app or voice command. You may use the app to dimming the light, changing the colour light or others. Moreover, the smart lighting system can set in different scene to fulfil different requirement. For example, you can set in a romantic scene, movie scene, sleeping mode to set different light.

What is the benefit of smart lighting?

1. Easy in control
For the smart lighting, all the lighting devices are connected to the same app. Through the app, you can control the lighting easily, you can remote control the lighting just by a click. For example, you can use app to switch off the ground floor light before you sleep, even you are at second floor. Then you don’t need to walk around to check the lighting. Moreover, you also can use voice to control the lighting system. Thus, you can control on/off, switch the lighting colour or dim the light without phone. This make your life more convenient and comfort.
2. Enhance mood
More than on/off light, modern people nowadays want something new and fashion such as adjust the light colour with the atmosphere. The light can adjust in RGB, dimmer, and warm white. The users can use different colour of light to enhance their mood and relax. For instance, after a busy work, you can set the light in the room as warm and sleep. It is relax and help you in better sleep. However, this cannot be done with the traditional lighting, because traditional light only can work in on or off way.
3. Improve health
Next, the Blu-ray in the lighting will harm our eye. But, smart lighting system can help in improve health because we can set the colour and brightness of light. Take for example, you can set the light as warm white method, so this will reduce the harm to your health.

How to control smart light?

1. App
First and foremost, smart light nowadays are available to control by app. Through the app, all the lighting in the home are connected to the same app. You can dim the lighting in the room and change the colour of lighting easily through the app. Meanwhile, you can manage and control the light by app even you are not in home. For example, you can use the app to switch on the light for your child in the home if they are not available to switch on the light.
2. Voice command
Moreover, smart lighting can be controlled in voice command. You can control all the light devices with a single sentence. If you connect the smart light system with google assistant, you can control it when you say “Hey Google, switch on the ground floor light.” Thus, the ground floor light of your home will switch off directly.
3. Timer
Additionally, you can set a timer for the lighting in your house. In the curtain time, the light will switch on itself even you do not click on it. For instance, the light will switch on every 7.00 PM, this may let others know there is someone in your house and the thief dare not come in. Thus, this can increase the safety of home too.
4. Wireless switches
Moreover, there is another option to control smart lighting which is wireless switches. The switches on the wall sometimes is not convenient, but the wireless switches you can bring it everywhere. The size of wireless switches is small and it is convenient. With the wireless switches, you might control the lighting without the app or any speaking. Take for example, a lot of users will put the wireless switched beside their bed, they can switch off the light by using the wireless switches before they sleep.
5. Automation
Next, automation also a benefit of smart lighting. The smart lighting after set the timer will switch o the light automatically. Besides, if the smart lighting work with motion sensor also can make the lighting system automotive. For example, if you install the motion detector in the bathroom when you open the door, the motion detector detected your motion and the light in the bathroom will switch on. After you come out from the bathroom, the motion detector not detected any motion and the light will switch off automatically. This can help you to save time on switching on and off of the button. Moreover, this automation also can use in the living room, kitchen, garden and others.
6. Manual control
Last but not least, all the lighting devices will connect to the wall switches too. Besides than all the smart control ways, all the lighting devices still can function in manual ways. Therefore, no worries for those family members that are not used to smart home.
In Malaysia, the price of buying a smart security system is getting affordable to everyone. This is because the wireless security product is no need cable connected and not necessary to drill a hole at the wall. This can reduce the cost of installation and the renovation fee. So, the price of smart security system is affordable than a traditional security system. Some of you might want to start your smart home journey but confuse with the product in the market. This is because too much product in the market with different price and quality. Some of the product are not quality guarantee and after sales maintenance. Moreover, you are taking high risk in using the low quality product. Therefore, 95% of Malaysian will choose a smart home provider to provide them with a full smart home service. For example, IMT. IMT as a professional smart home provider Malaysia, they are aiming to provide 100% customized service, affordable price, good product quality and after sales service to all their customers. So, contact IMT consultant now to get FREE 1 hour consultation time.

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