Are motorized curtain worth it?

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In the modern era, everything is getting smart in the push of technology. The traditional home devices and the ordinary lifestyle are not enough to fulfill the requirement of peoples. As a result, the smart home system developed the motorized curtain; also known as smart curtain, to allow people experience different lives. So, is Malaysia smart curtain worth? Here is the suggestion. With imt Home; imt smart home’s apps, Malaysia smart curtain system has different control methods than traditional curtains, allowing you to open the smart curtain in the most comfortable way for you.

Traditional curtain and blind VS Smart curtain and blind


Traditional curtain 

Smart curtain

Control way


App, Voice command, Timer, and Manual




As we all know, the classic Malaysia curtain can only be controlled manually; however, advances in technology have improved the Malaysia smart curtain, and you can now manage the Malaysia smart curtain in a variety of ways. App, voice command, timer, and manual are a few examples.

When smart curtain and blind motor are connected to the app, the users can control the curtain to open or close through their smartphone. Furthermore, while you are leaving house but unsure about whether you close the curtain or not. You may check the smart curtain status from the app, then you can close it remotely if it is open.

In addition, you may use voice commands to customize the percentage of the smart curtain being open except for open and close functions. This means now you can customize the open percentages of the curtain too. You just need to said “Hey Google, open the curtain to 80%”, The curtain will then open to 80% and you can change any percentage as you wish.

Next, you can set a timer for your smart curtain through the app. So, the curtain will automatically open on time. For instance, after setting, your smart curtain will open automatically at 7.00 a.m. and let the sun wake you up. Of course, the smart curtain can still be manually opened and closed.

Last but not least, the price of the traditional Malaysia curtain is low, but the control function is limited and not convenient. On the other hand, the price of Malaysia smart curtain is affordable but having more control ways and make your life convenient, comfort and relax.

imt Curtain Motor product

The benefit of smart curtain / motorized curtain

1. Convenient

The multi-control way of smart curtain / motorized curtain is the most significant difference compared with traditional curtain. IMT smart curtain can be controlled in 5 ways which are app, voice command, timer, automation scene connect with other devices, and manually. Uses can choose any control ways that you like to control your smart curtain. So, the smart curtain / motorized curtain is convenient for our life.

2. Create different scene

Furthermore, you can also use the app to create various scenes for your smart curtain. For instance, a movie scene, vacation mode, or sleeping mode. You can switch on the movie scene, and the curtain will be close while you are enjoying the movie. In addition, when you turn on the vacation mode, then your curtain will never open until the vacation mode if turn off. Thus, Malaysia smart curtain has more benefit compare with traditional Malaysia curtain.

3. Increase home safety

Last but not least, for those users who are usually busy at work or travelling and are rarely back home. Smart curtain can take place for helping you protect your home safety because Malaysia smart curtain can prevent the stranger peeping into your house while you are away. Then this can increase your home safety.

Finally, Malaysia smart curtains not only make our home appear modern, but they also provide us with a lot of convenience and comfort. If you are interested to have a smart curtain for your house, contact us now!

Installing a smart curtain needs professional technical skills to complete. imt Smart Home not only sells smart curtains, but also provides expertise, design, installation, handover, and after-sales support. We are Professional & experienced team that you can trust with!

Book your appointment date with imt Smart Home and we can assist you or answer your question. You can experience the smart curtain and others smart home product at our showroom too!!

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