Your Smart Home Timeline

Rise and shine!
Morning Mode

Good Morning! Bedroom lights turn on, air-cond and security system will turn off for not you to trigger the alarm system

Leaving to work
Leaving House Mode

All the lights in the house will automatically turn off when you leave the house and the security system will activate, you can also check real-time CCTV on your phone to monitor your house, safer and more secure!

Welcome back!
Arrived Mode​

Curtain, lights and fan will automically turn on once you open the door and security.

Catching up some Malaysia news!
Study Time

During study mode, aroma diffuser will turn on and the lights will change into a warm yellow mode for you to relax and study.

It's movie time!
Movie Mode​

Air-cond, television and speaker will turn on,  you also can change the light into RGB mode for you to have a better experience to enjoy movie.

Have a good night
Good Night Mode​

Lights automically turn off and aircond turn on. Security system will activate for you to have a safe goodnight.

Wake up for toilet
Midnight Mode​

Sense motion will lights up automically when u going toilet in midnight without any trouble.

Travel Time
Going out to travel? No worries!
On Vacation

Happy Holiday! Check your house safety and control your house lights in imt apps! You will also receive first notice if anything triggers the security alarm system.

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