FAQ: Smart Locks VS Digital Locks

Smart Locks VS Digital Locks


IMT smart lock 1S

Digital lock

Unlock way 

Fingerprint, password, card, app, key

Password, card, fingerprint

Security level 

Relatively high 


Convenient level

Relatively high 


The IMT smart door lock 1S is supported 5 different ways to unlock, it is more than other digital lock in the market. Some of the digital lock may support password, card and fingerprint to unlock, but IMT smart door lock 1S is supporting fingerprint, password, card, app, and key function in one lock.
Meanwhile, compare with digital lock, the IMT smart door lock 1S can connect to the IMT app to control and manage. You can use the app to control open or send a temporary password to your family or friend even you are not at home. This is convenient for those who are busy at work or travel to other places.
In addition, the smart door lock can connect with other smart devices like smart security, smart curtain and smart lighting system. After setting, when the smart door lock is unlock, the smart curtain and lighting will automatically turn on. Moreover, the smart security system connected with the smart door lock, if someone is rying to break the door lock and the security siren will sound an alarm.
Furthermore, the app also will send you a notification to inform you the issue. Thus, this can enhance your home security, even you are not at home, but you can make sure your home is safe. Lastly, more function in one lock provided more choice for users to unlock, they can choose to unlock way base on their requirement. This make their lives more convenient and comfort.

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