Best keyless deadbolt

What is the best keyless deadbolt?

What is mean by deadbolt lock? It’s a locking mechanism that operates without a spring. Because a deadbolt door lock isn’t spring activated, it can’t be picked open with a knife or similar object to gain entry and it generally keeps homes and facilities more secure. The traditional deadbolt door lock is open manually by key, you may use the key to lock and unlock your door every time.
However, follow the technology era there is a digital deadbolt door lock in the market. The digital deadbolt door lock is operate by means of electric current, and it is a keyless deadbolt. The digital door lock is control by the number keypad, you need to key-in the correct password to unlock the door and no manual key needed.
Nowadays, the smart door lock are even better and convenient to the users. The smart door lock included different unlock way such as fingerprint, password, card, app, and key. The smart door lock combined the traditional and the digital lock, and come out with additional function to fulfil different demand of users. For example, smart door lock can enhance the safety level of house.

Differences between manual deadbolt lock & keyless deadbolt lock

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1. Convenience level
First and foremost, the convenience level of manual deadbolt lock is low because you must use a key to open the deadbolt lock, if you are forgot to bring key then you are not able to open the door. However, the keyless deadbolt lock is more convenient, because the keyless deadbolt lock is unlock the door with password or app. Therefore, you don’t need to worry when you are not bringing key. Besides, the keyless deadbolt lock also supporting temporary password, you may send the temporary password to you friends to open the door even you’re not at home. Moreover, you can check the door open record through the app.
2. Safety level
Next, the safety level for keyless deadbolt lock is higher than manual deadbolt lock. This is because the keyless deadbolt lock will connect to the app, when someone are trying to break the lock then you will receive an alert notification. But, the manual deadbolt lock is not. So, the keyless deadbolt lock is safer than manual deadbolt lock.
3. Function
In addition, the manual deadbolt lock is only have the normal lock and unlock function. In contrast, the keyless deadbolt lock has he function such as unlock with password and app. Besides, the keyless deadbolt lock supports temporary password and it is available to connect to the app. You may check the door open record from the app, and receive a notification if someone are breaking the door lock.
4. Price
Furthermore, the price of manual deadbolt lock is lower than the keyless deadbolt lock. This is because the manual deadbolt lock only have the single function, and it is in normal use, so the price might be lower than keyless deadbolt lock.

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