The development of smart home

Smart system

Smart home in Malaysia is a house that merges cutting-edge automation technology to give advanced monitoring and control over numerous operations for owners. For example, lighting, security systems, window and door operations, and many other parts. Even you’re not at home, your smart home devices can be controlled via phone.

History of smart home

The development of home appliances (1901 – 1920)

Although home appliances aren’t what we’d call “smart,” they were a huge accomplishment in the early twentieth century. These accomplishments began in 1901 with the launch of the first vacuum cleaner. Over the next 20 years, the washing machine, refrigerator, electric dishwasher, clothes dryer, clothes iron, trash disposal, and a lot of home appliances has been launched out.

ECHO IV and the Kitchen Computer (1966 – 1967)

ECHO IV was the world’s first smart home system in 1966–1967. The “Electronic Computing Home Operator” was invented by Jim Sutherland. This smart home system could calculate a grocery list, manage the temperature of the home, and turn on and off appliances. 1 year later, the Kitchen Computer was created which could save recipes.

The early 2000s- Smart Homes (1998-2000)

Smart automation and smart home devices have been rapidly expanding. Because new technologies began to develop, it is projected that 1.5 million smart home devices were in place by 2012. Smart homes system became a more economical choice, and therefore a competitive technology for customers.

3 Smart Home Treads That Shape the Market in Malaysia

1. Better connectivity

The fragmentation of smart home technology, as well as the lack of connectivity across various smart home system and system, is a long-standing issue in the market of Malaysia. It has a direct impact on the user experience. Better connectivity is a crucial component if a company wants to get a competitive advantage in Malaysia smart home market.

2. Focus on Security

Today, the smart home system is more focused on security because of the increasing crime rates in Malaysia, the consumers are more that specializes in safety and security systems. Smart home devices like smart alarms and smart cameras are being preferred by households to be safer.

3. Enhance the functionality

The enhanced functionality of the smart home devices plays an important role because it provides higher adoption of the new technology. For example, imt 360 Ai Guard can change the camera angle based on smart motion detection technology.

The smart home Malaysia market is extensive and innovative, and it is currently the most promising emerging market. Instead of guarding the saturated traditional market, it is better to join imt smart home and build your smart industry future together. 

imt is Malaysia’s one-stop smart home solution provider. We are committed to develop and educate Malaysian about smart tech in Malaysia. Our goal is to improve customers’ life quality, and also enjoy convenience and safety.

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