Does Smart Home increase value?

Does Smart Home increase value?

Does smart home increase value to the property in Malaysia? The answer is definitely YES, smart home can increase property value. This is because the increasing demand from home buyers for smart homes and the growth of the smart home industry will make smart home automation a valuable investment in Malaysia future.

How does home automation increase property value in Malaysia?

1. Home automation as a selling point

– Nowadays, smart home industry Malaysia are developing rapidly and a lot of developers are starting to work with Malaysia smart home company. The developers install the smart home system in the pre-sell house, and they make this as a selling point to attract customers.
– A potential home buyer is either going to installing a home automation system or be very happy that one is already included in the purchase. For sure, the potential buyer show interest in purchasing a home with smart devices already installed. So, the developers catch this selling point and come out with the smart house option other than the traditional house to the buyer.
– The buyer will feel it is cost-effective when they spend a little bit more money and get the new house that home automation is installed. The buyer can directly enjoy the home automation without extra house renovate.
2. Safety and security
– In Malaysia, home security systems have always been a priority for most of the homebuyer to choose smart home automation. Except of convenient life, home and family security is a top reason for them to purchase a connected home or adopt a smart home lifestyle. Having a home already equipped with a home security system in place will appeal to potential buyers.
– The common smart security devices in Malaysia is CCTV, doorbell, smoke detector, and gas leak detector. The CCTV help to monitor the home situation anytime and all the recorded security video will save automatically. The user can always check back the videos. The smart doorbell with camera help to check who is ringing the doorbell before you open the door. The smoke and gas leak detector can send the notification to you when it is detected smoke and gas leaking, this can prevent the danger.
– All these devices are important in protecting user safety, and this makes the property more valuable
3. Convenient life

– Most of the Malaysian choosing smart home because of comfortable and convenient life. The traditional remote control are outdated, now is the generation of Malaysia home automation. Undeniable to say that home automation brings a great convenience to our life, what you want is just control by your phone or voice. After setting, you can set your curtain open at 8:00 AM every morning, let sunshine wake you up. At the same time, the lighting in the room will switch on and the system will report to you the current day weather. When home automation brings you benefit and it is valuable.

4. Comfortable
– Last but not least, people nowadays are starting pursue about aesthetic and comfortable life. Demand of user change day by day, therefore the home devices should getting smart to fulfil their requirement. For example, except the normal on and off function, lighting system nowadays have more function such as RGB, dimmer, and warm white. Users can use app to control the lighting in their house to adjust atmosphere. In addition, warm lighting can help people in relax after a busy work.

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