How does smart door locks work?

In our daily life, smart door lock provides us a lot of convenient compares with traditional door lock. In addition, different from the annoying key, use the smart door lock is convenient and save time in open door. For example, IMT smart door lock 1S can unlock in 5 different ways like fingerprint, password, card, app, and key.
IMT smart door lock is using battery and it can still function when power failure. Moreover, after installation, the smart door lock will save the user’s fingerprint, password, and unlock card data in the door lock. The data will save directly in the smart door lock and cannot be remove through the app. Therefore, the saved password can work without Wi-Fi connection, and power supply.
However, if the smart door lock is connected to Wi-Fi, you can use app to control open the smart door lock. In addition, you also can give a temporary password to your friend or family if you are not at home. All the temporary password will be sent from the pp to the cloud, encrypt in the cloud and send it to the smart door lock. Through the encryption, the temporary password will not being hacked by others.
Furthermore, the smart door lock can connect with other smart devices such as smart security, smart curtain, and smart lighting system. After connected with smart security system, you will receive an alert notification and the smart siren will sound an alarm if someone is trying to break your door lock. So, this can help you in enhance home safety. Last but not least, you need door lock to protect your home safety, and why not choosing a smart door lock? With the affordable price, but better security protection, thus choosing a smart door lock is valuable to everyone.

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