imt Home x Google Home

imt Home x Google Home


imt Home
imt Home is a smart home app with outstanding performance and ultimate user experience. It can be used on iOS/Android and provides 5 control ways .

● Google Assistant/天猫精灵
● Mobile phone control
● Timer control
● Sensor automatic control
● GPS location automatically triggers


imt home features
● All data is encrypted and stored in AWS USA, obtained ISO 270001 safety certification, European GPDR data security certificate
● App deployed in the AWS, millisecond response
● IMT eco products are produced by China ISO 9001 certified OEM professional electronics factory, tested by IMT engineering team, quality assurance.

imt Home App allows you to control all networked products, including security, lighting, appliances, electronic door locks, automatic curtains
● Security System (CCTV, Alarm)
● Smart Wall switch
● Air-conditioning, TV control
● Autogate control
● UK/MY smart socket/ power strip
● Smart curtains
● Smart door lock
● Automatic watering system
● Robot vacuum
● Ip66 waterproof Camera
● Fire/Gas leak/Water leak alarm Sensor


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