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Smart Curtain & blind introduction

Curtain and blind as an important element in our house to protect our privacy, block the passage of light, and decorate our house. In the past, we have to open the traditional curtain and blind manually, but now the smart curtain is more convenient for our life. In addition, smart curtain nowadays added more control way, this make our life more convenient and comfort.

Traditional curtain VS Smart curtain


Traditonal curtain 

Smart curtain 

Control way


App, Voice command, Timer, and Manual




First of all, the control way of the traditional curtain is manually, but now the technology make the curtain become smart and now you can control the curtain by many other ways. For example, app, voice command, timer, and manually. When the curtain motor is connected to the app, then the users can control the curtain open or close through their smart phone.
Besides, you may use voice command to customize the percentage of curtain being open. Which means except the simple open and close curtain, you can open 30% of the curtain too. Therefore, the curtain will open in 30% and you can change any percentage as you wish.
Next, you may set timer for your smart curtain through the app. So, the curtain will automatically open on time. For instance, after setting, you smart curtain will open automatically at 7.00 AM and let the sunshine wake you up. Furthermore, of course you can open and close the smart curtain manually.
Lastly, the price of the traditional curtain is low, but the control function is limited and not convenient. In contrast, the price of smart curtain is affordable but having more control ways and make your life convenient and comfort.

Types of smart curtain

1. Smart curtain open method
Moreover, the smart curtain have different open/close method such as open/close from the middle, from left to right, and from right to left. Therefore, the users can open the curtain in most convenient way.
2. Smart curtain track
Nowadays the smart curtain not only varied in control way, it also has different shape of track to fit different pattern of windows. For example, IMT curtain track have different shape like 90º, 180º and others. Additionally, every IMT curtain track can afford maximum 50kg of curtain weight. IMT provide different shape of curtain track to fulfil different requirement of customers.

Smart curtain & blind applicate place

Smart curtain

Smart blind

– Bedroom
– Living room

– Kitchen 
– Toilet 

Every house need curtain or blind and each of it are applicable in different place. Normally, the smart curtain is suitable for a lot of place like living room and bedroom. However, the smart blind is suitable for the humid place such as kitchen or toilet. This is because the material of blind is waterproof and it is more suitable for humid environment.
Smart curtain & blind applicate scene
In addition, the special function of the smart curtain and blind compare with traditional curtain and blind is it can set different scene. The users can set the scene through the app such as movie time, reach home, leave home or vacation mood. After setting, the smart curtain and blind will automatically open when you reach home, or automatically close when you leave home.
Additionally, if you want to enjoy your movie time, you may set the movie mood and the smart curtain or blind will close automatically. Next, the vacation mood can help you in protect your privacy and home safety. This is because after set the vacation mood, your smart curtain will never open and remain close until the vacation mood is turn off. Thus, this is suitable to use when you are travel to overseas.
IMT smart curtain & blind system
As Malaysia 5 star smart home provider, IMT always aim to provide all the Malaysian an affordable price of quality product and good after sales service. Furthermore, IMT provide 100% customize for your smart home system based on your requirement. Besides, IMT also provide the valued package for different product such as smart curtain package.
In the smart curtain package included two IMT curtain motor, two IMT curtain tracks, an IMT wireless touch switch, and an IMT home center. The total length of the IMT smart curtain track is 6 meters and it can support maximum 50KG of the curtain weight.
Additionally, IMT support flexible curtain system design because you can set your daily scene through the app. Meanwhile, IMT curtain track have different shape can suit to every different style of windows. Take for example, 180º, 90º, or octagon shape.
Lastly, install the smart curtain or blind is difficult and high risk because the process is complicated. In addition, before install the smart curtain must measure the size and the distance of the smart curtain motor and curtain track. If any mistake during the instalment, it is dangerous to the users. So, it is professional needed to complete the instalment process.
Therefore, 90% of Malaysian will choose a reliable smart home company to provide them a professional smart home service. With a professional smart home provider like IMT, you can enjoy your smart home system with hand-free. You just provide your requirement, and IMT consultant will plan the best smart home system to suit your need and want. All the process of planning, install, and after sales services is save time and energy.

Booking with IMT consultant now to enjoy FREE 1 hour consultation time.

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