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What is Smart Home products

As we know that the Internet is amazing and powerful, by using the Internet we can search anything with a click of a button. But, did you know that it can help you to control your home too? The future is no longer just science fiction, it is here and it is now! Your home is becoming smart! That is what we call smart home!

Let’s imagine your TV, light, curtain, door and other devices will function automatically when you say “Hey, Sir…”, “Hi, Google…”, “Alexa…” and “小爱同学…” It is convenient for our life, different from traditional remove control, now is the era of smart home product and smart home system.

Traditional Home product VS Smart Home product

Traditional Home Product Disadvantage

Smart Home Product Advantage

– Crossing wires
– Security issues
– Disassemble issues

– Easy in control
– Flexibility
– Maximizing home security

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Disadvantage of traditional home products

1. Crossing wires

Firstly, the biggest disadvantage of the traditional home product is it is connected by cabling. All the device wires must connect during renovation, and you have to drill the home wall. This is a big project and need the professional workers to complete it. So, this process is costly and time-consuming.

2. Security issues

As we know that the security issue is getting serious, everyone is paying attention to it. However, the traditional security product like wired CCTV is not enough for this serious situation now. This is because the traditional CCTV are connecting through NVR system and you only can check your recorded video at home. While somethings happened, you cannot check the security video immediately. On the other hand, with smart security product you may online check your security video at everywhere.

3. Disassemble issues

Moreover, disassemble issue is another disadvantage of traditional home product. Traditional home product is wired and this is not available to remove it easily. If you are moving to a new house, you need to pay for a high cost of installing the traditional product again.

Advantage of smart home product:

1. Easy in control The advantage of smart home product is it is easy in control. Different from the traditional remote controller, you can control all the smart devices through the smartphone, or voice control. Even you are not in the house, but with the smartphone you may control the devices too. For example, you can switch on the light before you reached home.

2. Flexibility

Furthermore, with the smart home system, you can add the new smart devices easily. The installation step of smart home product is easy and no professional renovation worker needed. So, you are flexible to add or remove the smart home product. Moreover, if you are moving to the new house the smart home product can reuse it again.

3. Maximizing home security

In addition, the smart home product like smart IP camera can help you maximizing home security. Since all the recorded security video will be uploaded to the cloud spacing or the SD card. Thus, you are available to check the security video all the time and everywhere. If there is an emergency issue, you might detect it earlier.

Smart Home product control type

1. Voice control In Malaysia, the common smart home brand is Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Amazon and Mi Home. After install, the user can set and control all the smart devices through Google Assistant, Siri, Amazon Alexa, or小爱同学. Everything can be controlled when you say “Hey, Sir…”, “Hi, Google…”, “Alexa…” or “小爱同学….” For example, if your phone is not with you, using voice control also can control all the smart devices in the house.

2. App

Moreover, you can use the app on your phone to control your smart home product. So, you may choose either control the smart home product in voice control or click on the app. In Malaysia, there is a lot of smart home app are available such as Google Home, HomeKit app, Alexa, Mi Home and others. In those apps, user can change their set of smart home product easily through their app. The installation of app and connection of smart home product is simple and easy. Just follow the instructions, everyone can enjoy your smart home life.

3. Timer

Additionally, the user can use the timer to control the smart devices. After setting, the smart devices will work automatically and the user can always change the timer setting. For instance, the curtain in the room may open every morning at 7.30 AM after setting.

4. Automation

Furthermore, automation is another type of smart home control. Automation is very convenient to the user because it works when it detect your movement. For example, install the motion detector in the bathroom and it will switch on the light in the bathroom automatically when it detected you movement. After that, the light will automatically switch off when the motion detector not detecting any motion in the bathroom.

5. Wireless switch

In addition, smart home user can choose wireless switch to control the smart devices also. Normally wireless switch is in small size and you can easily bring it everywhere. For example, the user can put it beside their bed and just click to switch off all the light in the room before sleep.

6. Manual control

Lastly, some of you might have this problem which is if there is a power cut situation, how to control the smart devices? All of the smart devices are available to control manually. So, you don’t need to worry too much. For instance, IMT Smart Door Lock 1S support 5 ways to unlock and it can use a key to open when it is power cut.

Malaysia have different brand of smart home and you might plan to create your smart home but don’t know where to start. 80% of Malaysian will choose a smart home provider to help them in planning and installation.
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