Malaysia Smart Security

Malaysia Smart Security System Introduction

What is smart security system?

In Malaysia, a smart security system is using the wireless technology, home networks, and the prevalence of mobile phones to integrate your security with day-to-day life. From smart sensors to wireless smart camera, a smart security system means you can customise, monitor, and manage your security systems anywhere, at any time, from your mobile phone. In addition, compared with the traditional wired security system, the price of a smart security system Malaysia is also getting affordable to everyone.

How does smart security system work?

Smart security system is using wireless smart camera, smart alarm, and smart sensor to connect as a smart security system. All the smart security devices are connected to the same app, this can manage and control it easily. Moreover, the wireless CCTV will record the security videos and uploaded to the online cloud. Therefore, you can check the video through your app even you are not at home.
In addition, if someone trying to destroy the smart security system like CCTV or door lock, the connected smart siren alarm will sound an alarm. This can remind you there is an unusual issue and help you in scare the thief. Additionally, your smartphone will receive a notification to remind you too. Thus, this can protect your home safety even you are not at home. Besides, all the smart security devices connect to the same app can prevent from being hack. So, smart security system is safe to use.

Traditional security system VS Smart security system

Security system 

Traditional security system 

Smart security system 





Wired installation 
Wireless installation 
Installation Time 
High safety level 
Relative high safety level

Difficult and expensive 

Easy and low cost 
Compare with smart home security system, the cost for the installation, product, installation worker is higher than smart security system. Therefore, the price of the traditional security system will expensive than the smart security system. This is because the traditional security smart home is wired installation, but smart security system are wireless system. Besides, the wired process need to do during the renovation and this makes the installation time for a traditional security system is longer than smart security system.
For the safety, the traditional security system can provide a low safety level of security because the CCTV will record the video but it will not inform you the safety problem if you are not checking the security video. However, the smart security system are high safety level because the smart CCTV will record and analyse the strange in the video. Moreover, the phone will receive a notification, inform you that there may be a safety issue.
Last but not least, the traditional is difficult to maintain because it is wired connected and it cost expensive to service. On the other hand, the smart security system can manage through the app, it is easier and low cost.

Common smart security product in Malaysia

Smart camera

In Malaysia, the smart security devices commonly being used is smart camera such as IP camera. IP camera connected to the app can let you check back the security video anytime and everywhere. Additionally, the IP camera have the function like motion detector, 2-way talk, night version, and waterproof.
The IP camera having motion detector can detect and analyze the people in the security video. The camera will analyze the users that always in the video, so this may help the user to detect the intruder. Besides, the IP camera have the function of 2-ways talk, you can talk to the camera through the app. When you saw someone strangers in the camera, you can talk to them by the IP camera instead of open the door.
Furthermore, the IP camera also work during nighttime. Because the IP camera have the night version function, it is still capturing the clear video and protected your home safety. Meanwhile, the outdoor IP camera is waterproof so even heavy rain will not affect the working of the camera too.
Next, the smart sensor that installs on the door is commonly used in Malaysia too. The door sensor connected to the app will record the time of the door open and closed. Therefore, you may refer to the app to check the entry history. Furthermore, if the door sensor senses the door is being destroyed by someone, the door sensor will send you a notification and inform you.
Moreover, the motion sensor also one of the sensors that is commonly used in smart security system. After the motion sensor is installed, it will send you a notification when it is detecting motion. For example, if you installed the motion sensor at the backdoor area, normally there was no one there, but if the motion sensor detected the motion then you will receive an alert notification. So, this may help to enhance your home safety.
Lastly, a smart siren is important for every house, because it will protect you most effectively. For example, the siren alarm connected to door lock and sensor, if the thief trying to destroy the door lock, the connected smart siren will sound an alarm. Besides, your phone will also receive an inform notification even you are not at home. So, you can protect your home safety effectively by using the smart siren.

Smart security price

In Malaysia, the price of buying a smart security system is getting affordable to everyone. This is because the wireless security product is no need cable connected and not necessary to drill a hole at the wall. This can reduce the cost of installation and the renovation fee. So, the price of smart security system is affordable than a traditional security system.
Some of you might want to start your smart home journey but confuse with the product in the market. This is because too much product in the market with different price and quality. Some of the product are not quality guarantee and after sales maintenance. Moreover, you are taking high risk in using the low quality product.
Therefore, 95% of Malaysian will choose a smart home provider to provide them with a full smart home service. For example, IMT. IMT as a professional smart home provider Malaysia, they are aiming to provide 100% customized service, affordable price, good product quality and after sales service to all their customers. So, contact IMT consultant now to get FREE 1 hour consultation time.

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