Safety of elders and child

In Malaysia, people are busy at work and normally they will hire a maid to take care of their child and elderly parent. But, nowadays the cases of the maid abuses elderly and children is getting high, and everyone are paying attention on it. Besides, another serious issue in Malaysia is elderly stay alone at home and accidently injured.
Therefore, the safety of elderly and child should be enhance to avoid these issue. By using the smart home system can help to improve the care and safety of child and elderly.
1. SOS button
IMT have sold the SOS button that suitable for elderly use. The SOS button can call to the police station or the family member. Therefore, if the elderly get injured then they can use the SOS button to alert their family member. If it is elderly alone at home can call the police directly and help them at the first time. So, the SOS button is very useful in enhance the safety level of elderly.
2. Wireless security camera
Next, install a wireless security camera in home you can check your child’s situation in home anytime and everywhere. The recorded security video will save in the SD card and you can check how your maid is take care your child even you are not at home. Additionally, the security camera also can use to monitor the situation of elderly at home.
In addition, the wireless security camera have the 2-way communication function. If you realize any unusual happened in your house or your room you can talk through the camera. For example, you can warn to your maid if she is abusing your children. Thus, wireless security camera is good in monitoring the situation of child and elderly in home.
3. Door sensor
Lastly, install the door sensor can help in enhance the safety level of child too. This is because after the door sensor is installed, your phone will receive a notification when the door is opened. If you are busy at work and your child open the door, then you may alert at the first time. Then, this may reduce the accident rate of child. In short, smart home system not only provided a comfortable life to all of us, but it also can improve the safety of elderly and child at the same time. Start your smart home journey now for a better life of you and your family.
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