Safety of Smart Home

Are smart home safe in Malaysia?

Nowadays, as the smart home getting popular in Malaysia, a lot of people are concern about the safety issue of the smart home. People are worried about the hacker will hack to their smart devices and steal their personal data. The IMT smart home product is safe because IMT provide the safety protection from every different aspects.

How to protect smart home security in Malaysia?

1. Physical safety
Firstly, all the IMT smart product protected the user safety from the physical safety. Take for example, aster you installed the IMT smart door lock and smart security system, when the intruder is trying to pry your smart door lock. The door lock connected to the app and security system will directly send you a message and at the same time the smart siren will sound an alarm. Thus, you can realize the issue as soon as possible, no matter you are at home or go out.
2.Hardware safety
Secondly, from the hardware safety aspect, the IMT smart products are high quality. The welding of component and the electrical board is completed in the professional factory. Furthermore, our IMT smart product has passed the certification of information security and privacy compliance by multiple consulting and auditing agencies around the world. Thus, IMT is an IoT solution provider with multiple certifications.
3. Firmware safety
Next, firmware is a communication way between the electric board and the internet, serve, and app. If there is a bug in the firmware, then the hacker may be hack into your smart door lock and remote control open your door. However, IMT smart product will not happen this issue because IMT will update the firmware on time through the IMT app. So, it is convenient and protected your safety easily.
4. Communication safety
In addition, the IMT smart products will connect to the IMT app. When you want to control your smart devices by using the IMT app, the signal will send from Wi-Fi – router – server – home center – smart door lock. In this process, all the data will be encrypted by the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES256). The security level of AES256 is very high, because If you want to hack, you need to try to crack more times than the sand on the surface, which is 10^77 power. Therefore, after the encryption, all the data needs two-way check to decrypt and work. Therefore, the safety level of IMT products is high.
5. Serve safety
Lastly, IMT smart door lock had backup in 3 servers, if one of the servers is break down, but other server will support its working. One of the servers IMT used is Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 175 fully featured services from data centers globally. Furthermore, AWS is architected to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. Their core infrastructure is built to satisfy the security requirements for the military, global banks, and other high-sensitivity organizations. So, the IMT product data are protected, and it is not easy to hack by the hacker. Lastly, the most important things is every users need protect your mobile phone password and router password at home, and don’t leave any information on the Internet. All these ways can prevent your smart home being hacked by others. Thus, the security of such a smart home is the best.

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