Smart Landed House

Smart Landed House

Nowadays, everyone are pursue a better and more comfortable lifestyle. Therefore, a lot of Malaysian will choose a smart home system for their house. No matter landed house or condominium, you can plan your smart home base on your requirement. Moreover, smart home is not only control your home devices with hands-free, it is also protecting your home safety. Especially for those landed house owners, they are more focus on their house safety issue.

Recommend smart home system for landed house

1. Smart security
For the smart security system, the landed house owners are recommend to choose IMT outdoor AI guard camera. The IMT outdoor AI guard is a waterproof camera with 1080P resolution, so it is suitable to install at the outside of house. Besides, the IMT outdoor AI guard are supporting Google assistant voice control and you can manage it through the app. Furthermore, the IMT outdoor AI guard is connected to the Wi-Fi, it will send the recorded security video to the cloud space and you may check the videos online. Meanwhile, the IMT outdoor AI guard with the AI motion detection will analyse the people in video and it will send a notification to you when it is detected any unusual movement.
2. Smart Lighting
Next, lighting in a house is important because it may affect your mood. Besides than aesthetic feeling, people nowadays are pursue for comfort. With smart lighting system, you can change your house’s lighting based on different atmosphere. Compare with the traditional lighting system that only function in on and off, smart lighting nowadays is available in different functions such as RGB, dimmer, and warm white. Moreover, all the lighting in the house are connected to the app, you can manage and control the lighting just with a click. For example, you can dim the light for movie time, switch the light to warm mode for better sleep and so on. In addition, you also can set a timer for the lighting system. For instance, the light of living room will automatically switch on every 7:00 PM, even you are not at home but you can make it as someone is in the house to protect your home safety.
3. Smart door lock
In addition, every house need a door lock but are your sure your door lock is safe enough? The answer is not really, the traditional door lock is not enough for the serious safety issue now. You need a smart door lock to enhance your safety, because of the smart door lock has the protect function compare with traditional door lock. For example, if someone is trying to break the IMT door lock 1S, then it will trigger the connected siren, and send you the notification at the same time. However, this cannot be done by the traditional door lock. Besides, IMT smart door lock 1S support 5 different unlock ways such as fingerprint, password, app, card and key. Thus, you can choose your most comfortable way to unlock the door base on your need.
4. Smart curtain and blind
Moreover, a smart curtain or blind system is important for the landed house. This is because using the curtain or blind can protect your house safety when you are not at home. Furthermore, the IMT smart curtain system can make your life more convenient. For example, you can control the curtain close through app, voice command, or manually. You can choose smart curtain or smart blind based on your requirement.

Special smart home system for landed house

1. Smart autogate
Every landed house must have an entrance gate and it is the first defense for safety. The repeating step of open the gate manually is annoying, thus the smart autogate is more convenient to our life. Moreover, the traditional autogate only can control it by the controller with short distance. But the smart autogate can connect with the app and you can control it even you are not at home. Additionally, the smart autogate also can prevent the problem of low battery of controller, because you can control the autogate through the app.
2. Smart garden
Having a garden is great experience, but do you need to water the plants every day? With the IMT smart garden system, you can set a timer to water your plants, then you don’t need to waste your time in manage it every day. Through the app, smart garden system also can avoid you water the plants under the hot weather. So, smart garden system is really convenient to the landed house owners.
3. Smart sensor
Last, every landed house should have the smoke sensor, motion detector, and water leak sensor. These sensors are important and effective in protect your home safety. For example, if you installed the smoke in your house, when there is any smoke detected, and your phone will receive an alert notification. Besides, the water leak sensor also function in alert users if there is any water leak issue. Next, the motion sensor cans connected with your lighting system, if the motion detector detected the movement in the room and the light in room will switch on automatically. After you moving out from the room, the motion detector not detecting any movement and the light will switch off automatically. This can make your life easier.

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