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imt Malaysia

Smart Security & CCTV System

With imt, your security CCTV system enters a new level. Worried Expensive? Feel Trouble ? 💥Hacking & Wiring? Waterproof? 💥 imt AI GUARD Series help you settle everything. Investing in a ip security camera is a great way to step up the safety of your home, allowing you to keep an eye on what matters most wherever you are from your smartphone. They’re also a fantastic way to keep tabs on your family when you’re running late from work and alerting you of any unusual activity while you’re on vacation. imt Ai Guard series gives you the capability to review security video footage, or even speak with people inside your home through two-way audio! 2020 imt Ai Guard Series Battery Type 🔋
  1. Battery Ai Guard
  2. Doorbell Ai Guard
Need Power Supply ⚡️
  1. Indoor Ai Guard
  2. PTZ 360 Ai Guard
  3. Outdoor Ai Guard
  4. Outdoor Spotlight Ai Guard
  5. Outdoor 360 Ai Guard
✔️Wifi 2.4G Network
✔️USB Adaptor Charging
✔️Ai Motion Detection
✔️1080P Resolution
✔️Superb Night Vision
✔️Two Way Talk
✔️App Control & Automation setting
✔️Support Google Assistant

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