Smart home interior design is the future

What is Interior Design?

Interior design is the art and science of redesigning the interior of a structure to provide a healthier and more visually attractive environment for those who use it. Functionality and enhanced quality of life have constantly been important aspects of interior design.

What is Smart Home?

A smart home is the next future like the Internet once before. The smart home is no longer only for turning on lights in the kitchen or playing music. Smart home systems can now learn your habits and routines and utilize them to conserve energy in your house, enhance your quality of life, and increase the efficiency of your home.

The Corporation between Smart Home and Interior Design is the Future. Why?

1. Smart Home Industry is gradually growing

The smart home industry is gradually growing, due to the increasing importance of remote home monitoring, the spread of IoT, and the overall desire to conserve energy. It is expected there will be more than 50 devices per home will be connected to the Internet by 2022 compared to 2015, there are only 8.6 devices per home.

2. Increasing demand for usage

The demand for smart interior design is rapidly increasing due to a lot of Malaysians has started to be aware of the importance of smart home. For example, Google Home, Xiaomi Mi Home, Apple Homekit, and Tmall Genie voice control system technologies.

3. Prospective market

In Malaysia, the smart home market is rapidly growing because there a lot of people started to have their smart home. According to Statista, revenue in the Malaysian smart home market will amount to RM436millions in 2019 and is expected to hit a market volume of RM1099millions by 2023!

4. Design Innovation

Smart interior design which means smart home collaboration with interior design has been a popular trend in recent years because it allows you to employ smart technology to create user-friendly, energy-efficient environments while also increasing the value of your interior design projects.


A smart home can be fashionable and functional at the same time.

6.Convenient and high quality of life

The goal of the smart home is to improve the quality of life for the users for example control all the smart devices through an app on the phone.

7.Enhance the value of residences

Understanding the impact of smart home technology on interior design is critical for developing great designs and enhance the value to your clients, and will also giving you a competitive advantage.

8.Personalized custom design

A smart home can be fully customized by the clients, so it will be a great design if collaborate with the interior designer.

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