What is included in smart home?

What is included in smart home?

– Smart home stands from service and hardware, we can control all the smart devices through the app, timer, voice control, and automation. However, the smart home nowadays is not only the smart system in home but the smart life. The smart home involved in our home, work and even on the road to work.
– From the past, smart home industry started in Malaysia, but technology nowadays upgraded the smart home again. Smart home system is no limit and it is just depending on your imagination. Furthermore, there is few smart home brands in market which is Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon, Mi Home and Tmall genie.
– Different smart home brands have focus on different area and customers. For example, Amazon and Tmall genie are more focusing on e-commerce, Apple are focusing on security and privacy, and Google focusing on digital service. Meanwhile, Google Home is the most suitable smart home brands for Malaysian, because Google Home is connect hardware with digital service. The related digital service include E-mail, calendar, map and so on.

Smart Product

First of all, the most important element in smart home automation is a smart product. You need to connect the smart devices to the smart home system then only you can complete your smart home style. In Malaysia, the common smart home product is smart door lock, smart curtain, smart lighting, smart security system, sensors, and detector.

1. Smart Door Lock

– Different from traditional door lock, smart door lock provide more ways to unlock. For example, IMT smart door lock 1S can unlock in 5 different way such as fingerprint, password, card, app and key. Therefore, this makes our life easier and solve the problem of forgetting to bring door key. Besides, you also can use the app to open the door for your friend if you are not in the house.

2. Smart Curtain

– Also, smart curtain in a home can be controlled by voice, app, and manual control. If the user set the timer for it, the smart curtain in the home will open automatically every day, and you can let the sunshine bright you up. Besides, when you are leaving home, the curtain will close automatically to protect your safety.

3. Smart Lighting


– Additionally, the smart lighting has different function like RGB Led, dimer and others compare with traditional on/off lighting. The user can control the lighting in the home for different requirement. For instance, you might set the lighting in room as warm light, this can help you in sleep and improve your health.

4. Smart Security System

The smart security product like IP camera can help you maximizing home security. All of the recorded security video will be uploaded to the online cloud or the SD card. So, you are available to online check the security video any time with your smartphone. Meanwhile, you might also detect the security issue earlier if someone is trying to destroy your security system.

5. Sensor

– Furthermore, when connected the motion detector with the lighting system, the light in the room will automatically switch on when it detected your motion enter the room. After you move out from the room, the motion detector not detected any motion in the room and it will switch off the light automatically. So, the motion sensor is very convenient for us and is an important element of home automation Malaysia.

6. Siren

– Usually, the siren will use with the smart security system. Once the siren detected the motion, it will sound an alarm and send the alert notification to your smartphone. The alarm sound can help to scare away the thief and draw your attention. Even you are not at home but the alarm sound also will help you in scare away thief. Thus, the siren can help in protect home safety.

8. Appliances

– Lastly, smart home system not only included the door lock, curtain, and sensor, appliances also an important smart device for your smart home. The appliances commonly used in smart home is robot vacuum, light, fan, and air conditioner. Through the app, you can control the appliances anytime and everywhere. For instance, you can set the time for the robot vacuum to clean the room 3:00 PM every day. Besides, you also can use voice command to control those appliances too. Therefore, all these appliances make our life more convenient.

Smart Home Service

– In addition, when we talk about Malaysia smart home, it is not only a home automation product but the services too. Therefore, Malaysia have different smart home company that provides smart home automation service. For example, the Malaysia local smart home company-IMT. IMT provides the hardware like the application to manage all the service provided by the smart home brand. With IMT app you can manage and control all the smart devices easily.
– With an affordable price, IMT provides the full services included smart home consultation, planning, install and after sales services. So, you don’t need to worry about the smart home installation and safety issue. Planning your smart home now with IMT consultant to make your life more comfortable and convenience.

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