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Time to change, control and upgrade your home with imt
What is the gateway used for? Gateway is design for the devices that run in Zigbee, which is basically used for communication with imt’s Zigbee devices, include sensor, smart door lock, smart curtain. It
Where is the imt’s product from? All of the product being tested by imt’s professional engineer & OEM in China factory over two years. Imt’s engineering expertise in mechanical, IT, materials, electrical and huge
What voice assistant do imt product use? Imt’s product is using google assistant. Google is more common in Malaysia, and can link with Google’s product & service. You might also like Smart Door Lock
Types of cameras do imt have & their features Imt have indoor, outdoor, PTZ, battery camera, doorbell, spotlight camera. All this camera’s features got AI motion detection (turn on/off, adjust sensitivity), 1080p full HD,
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