Malaysia Apple Home Introduction

Malaysia Apple Home Intro

In the past few years, Apple committed in developing their smart home system, Apple HomeKit. One of the features of Apple HomeKit is any device that uses HomeKit can be controlled with Siri as well. This is good news for those Apple fans, you may control your smart home appliances using any Apple devices anytime and everywhere.Therefore, this attracted a lot of Malaysian want to buy Apple Smart Home Malaysia. This trend make Apple HomeKit Malaysia is getting popular and common in use in smart home system.

Apple HomeKit History

In September 2014, Apple Homekit first release to the market with iOS 8. The framework allowed third-party apps to interface with Apple Homekit devices using Siri and allow remote access through home hubs. After 2 years, the Apple Home app was first released with iOS 10 in September 2016 to unify all devices into 1 app. Until now, Apple Homekit app is originally installed in every iOS system, and no extra installation needed. This allowed a slew of new product categories to flood the market for the Apple Smart Home.

Home App

With Apple HomeKit app, you can set any rooms, house or even your office. After setting up, any device that uses HomeKit can be controlled with Siri as well. For example, use your iPhone, IPad, or Apple Watch to switch on the light in your house before you reach.Furthermore, you may name your devices, and set up routine. Once the routine is set, you will control all the selected devices in just one button. For instance, setting the routine as “Good Morning”, everyday 8.00 AM morning the curtain in the room will open, the morning alarm will ring, the light will turn on and the air conditioner will switch off automatically. This brings a lot of convenient for nowadays busy people.

Feature of Apple HomeKit

  • Support Apple HomeKit product

– First of all, Apple Homekit is an individual smart home brand that supports other brand product such as Philips, Yale, FIBARO and others. So, except iHome product, the user can connect other brand product to their Apple Homekit too.

  • Work perfect with Apple devices

– Meanwhile, Apple HomeKit perfectly work with Apple devices. Apple HomeKit user can use their Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to control their smart product. For example, you can switch off the light through your iPad.

  • Luxury, ultimate simplicity and clean

– Apple HomeKit main focus on the luxury, ultimate simplicity and clean design. The Apple HomeKit design in simple and clean method, this helps the user to understand and control their devices in easier ways. At the same time, the ultimate simplicity design of Apple HomeKit brings you a luxury using experience.

  • Control language

– Furthermore, Apple devices users can use “Hey, Siri…” to voice control their smart home devices. Besides, Apple HomeKit support 4 types of languages like English, Chinese, Malay and Cantonese. You can choose your preferred language to control your smart home devices. This is the most special feature compare with another smart home brand.

Who is suitable to use Apple HomeKit?

A few years ago, Apple comes out with their smart home brand and Home app. This is great news for the smart home lover that are using Apple devices. Apple HomeKit suitable for those Apple device users, they can use their iPhone, IPad, or their Apple Watch to control their smart home.

Besides, Apple HomeKit suitable for those users that prefer English, Chinese, Malay, or Cantonese. Apple HomeKit is a smart home brand that supports 4 different languages. Therefore, customers can set their preferred language to follow their daily need.

Advantage of Apple HomeKit

  • Strong home secure

–  Nowadays, everyone is paying attention in a home secure, and Apple Homekit did well in this part. After installed and connect the home security camera to Apple Homekit, the activity detected by supported cameras is privately analysed by your home hub using on‑device intelligence to determine if people, pets or cars are present. When important activity is detected, you and anyone you share your Home app with will receive a rich notification that lets you view the clip from the Lock Screen. The recorded video will automatically save in the iCloud within 10 days, and you can check in your Home app. This helps you in check back the data of the security camera easily.

  • Strong privacy secure

– Some of you may worry about the private data that connected smart home devices leakage due to Internet attack by others. Apple Homekit can solve this problem because Apple Homekit enabled routers are available as a foundational layer of security for your smart home. Apple Homekit routers can firewall off each of your accessories so even if one were to be compromised, it wouldn’t be able to access your other devices or personal information.

  • Customize your “Scenes”

– To fulfil need and want of every user, Apple Homekit can let you customized your favourite scenes. Which is you can control the certain devices by named scenes like “I am leaving”, “Good night”, “Movie time” others. Once everything is setting up if you leave you house and you tell Siri “I am leaving”, the door will lock, the curtain will close, the security camera and the alarm will be ready. With Apple Homekit, you don’t need to walk around the house to double-check before you leave.

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