Best smart home system in Malaysia

What is the best smart home system in Malaysia?

In home automation industry have a lot of brands around the world, each of them has its advantage. Now, let’s talk about smart home automation Malaysia. The common smart home brand in Malaysia is Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Mi Home, and Amazon. Every brand have their advantages and it is not the best but most suitable to you and fulfil your requirement. In Malaysia, the most suitable smart home brand is Google Home.

The reason for why Google Home is the best smart home system in Malaysia smart home is it compatible with a lot of smart devices. For example, except the Google brand product, Google Home compatible with Philips, Llfx, Belkln WeMo, Honeywell and other products. This can enhance the user’s smart home experience because you can connect your favourite product to the Google Home. When you combine Google Home with smart home products compatible with Google Assistant, you can get hands-free help around the house. Just start with “Ok Google.”

IMT x Google Home

IMT is a Malaysia local smart home company that provided the planning and installation service for every Malaysian. Also, IMT provide IMT x Google Home which is a smart home suitable for Malaysian. Google Home provide the digital services like Maps, Gmail, Google search, and IMT provides the hardware to manage all the service provided by Google. Thus, the IMT app is easy for the users to manage and control all the devices.

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From enjoying your favourite music to hearing the morning news, from checking traffic to adjusting your thermostat, you can ask Google Home anything but no hands required. Powered by the Google Assistant, you have command of your music, your home, and your curiosity. Google Home’s sleek design fits wherever you enjoy music or want access to the Google Assistant. Start by saying, “Ok Google” or “Hey Google.”

Furthermore, IMT committed in provide valuable price, 100% of customised design, and after sales service to all customer. As a Malaysia smart home company, IMT hopes to drive the trend of smart home automation Malaysia in providing the value package, good product quality, and complete after sale service.

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