Best smart home system in Malaysia

What is the best smart home system in Malaysia? Here are the suggestion from imt Smart Home.

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There are numerous options when it comes to the best smart home system Malaysia. There are several common smart home Malaysia brands such as Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Mi Home, and Amazon. Every smart home brand has its own set of benefits, and the greatest is the one that is most appropriate for you and meets your needs. Here are the suggestion from imt Smart home.

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Through the evaluation, we conclude that the Google Home is the best smart home system in Malaysia. This is due to the fact that Google Home works with a wide range of smart home devices in Malaysia. For example, google home is compatible with Philips, Llfx, Belkln WeMo, Honeywell, and other products, with the only exception of Google-branded product. This can enhance the user’s smart home experience because you can connect your favorite product to Google Home. When you combine Google Home with smart home products compatible with Google Assistant, you can get hands-free help around the house. Just start with “Ok Google.”

IMT x Google Home

imt Smart Home is a Malaysia local smart home company that provided planning and installation service for every Malaysian. imt Smart Home also offers the imt x Google Home, a smart home designed specifically for Malaysians. imt Smart Home also provide the hardware to manage all digital services provided by Google Home such as Google Maps, Gmail, Google search. As a result, the imt home; imt Smart Home own app makes it simple for consumers to manage and control all of their devices.

With the help of Google Home, you can play your favourite music, hearing the morning news, from monitoring traffic to setting your thermostat, but no hands are required. The Google Home’s sleek design fits anywhere you want to listen to music or use the Google Assistant. Begin with “Ok Google” or “Hey Google.”

Furthermore, imt Smart Home is committed in provide valuable prices, 100% of customized design, and after-sales service to all customers. As one of the Smart Home Malaysia companies, imt Smart Home hopes to drive the trend of smart home system Malaysia in providing the value package, good product quality, and complete after-sale service

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