Malaysia Google Home Introduction

Malaysia Google Home Introduction

Google Home Assistance help user with Home security

Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Nowadays, everyone is common with the digital service of Google such as Gmail, Google search, Android system, YouTube, and so on.

In recent years, Google start to enter the smart home industry with own smart home system- Google Home. With Google Home system, it lead the world into a new era of intelligence.

Google Home help with everyday chores

Google Home ecosystem

Same as Android, Google Home adopts an open-source system, so different brands can join the Google ecosystem. Therefore, Google Home is developing rapidly because it supports multi-home appliances. Moreover, Google Home ecological composition = Google services + Google assistant + Smart devices. Compare with other brands, the Google system is stable, the quick response has advanced technology and a safe server. Thus, Google Home is enough to meet the general life needs of everyone and is suitable for Malaysians.

Effortless everyday lives with Google Home

Google Assistant Malaysia                                                                                                                                                     Google assistant Malaysia is very helpful in our daily tasks and easy to get because most of today’s smartphones in Malaysia got google assistant Malaysia. For those who don’t know what google assistant Malaysia is, based on Wikipedia google assistant Malaysia is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant developed by Google that is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices. It can be connected to the smart home system

Google Home Malaysia Price Is Affordable
Google home price in Malaysia is actually quite an affordable price for everyone. It is a good choice for those beginners to try a smart home system at a low cost. Therefore, using Google Home Malaysia is a win-win situation in that you can enjoy the smart home system at an inexpensive price. The affordable price of Google Home Malaysia makes the smart home system getting popular in Malaysia.

Google Home , Google Mini and Google Speaker display

Feature of Google Home Smart Speaker

Play Music: Feel stress? Tell Google home Malaysia to play a calming song to relieve your stress.
Set Reminders: Keep Forgetting Things? Ask Google home Malaysia to tell you what your upcoming day’s schedule is.
Broadcast Messages: Got something to say to your beloved children when you are busy? Tell Google home Malaysia to broadcast a message to your children “it’s time to wake up”.                                                                                                  Ask Questions: Curios about something or meet difficulties? Ask Google home Malaysia tell you the local weather forecast, latest news.                                                                                                                                                                Set Up Daily Routines: Wants multiple actions to be performed on a regular basis? Fully customize Google home Malaysia with various kind of commands, actions and media according to your needs. It could read your schedule for the day to tell the commute, weather, news and so on.

How to link your smart products to Google home Malaysia?
Step 1:Open Google home Malaysia app that you have downloaded from App store (iOS), or from Play Store (Android).
Step 2: Connect smart home devices
TAP on the “+” symbol in the top left corner
Select set up a new device
Select works with Google option titled “Have something already set up?
Step 3: Find the IMT devices from the list that you like to add
Step 4: Follow the in-app instructions and you’ll sync your account for the IMT device
with your Google account.

imt products, Doorlock, Ai guard, Motoriised curtain, Curtain track, Motion Detector and switch
White Google home assistance product

IMT Smart home product integrating Google Home Malaysia:

Google home Malaysia smart speakers consist of combining with other services such as home automation and especially IMT smart home product. It allows you to control and manage all networked products, including security, lighting, appliances, electronic door locks, and automation curtains.

imt Home Logo
Google Home Logo
Here’s some of what Google Home can do when integrated with IMT smart home products:

1. Home Security System: Integration of Google home Malaysia with IMT smart home security systems to make your home secure and it will allow you to monitor the security, alarms, door lock, camera, and other settings under convenient, centralized voice control.
2. Light the Room: Use Google home Malaysia with IMT wireless automated smart home lighting switch to turn on the lights without touching a switch.
3. Control the Temperature: Use Google home Malaysia with IMT smart sensor automation to make your life more comfortable; you do not have to move around your house to change your air condition temperature.
4. Protect your privacy: Use Google home Malaysia with IMT smart curtain automation to shut out the light from the window and increase your privacy without touching it.

What is the price of Google smart home?

What type of device can be paired with Google home?

Is google home safe to use?

Contact us now to get free 2 hours consultation time & design! imt professional & experienced consultation team can demonstrate and design you smart fream house based on your requirement. 

Staff visit customer home for installation

As a one-stop smart home solution service provider, consultation, design, installation, handover, after sales, imt can answer all your questions about google home and smart home systems. Come visit our showroom to have a better understanding of the smart home products.

imt provide Malaysia one-stop smart home solution service in Malaysia, all of our product can link with Google Voice Assitant to use, you can control everything with just “Hey, Google” !

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