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In the smart home industry, Xiaomi Smart Home, also known as Mi Home or Mijia is very common and famous for those beginners who want to start enjoying the benefit of a smart home. Let’s see why you need to choose Mi Home as your smart home system.

Mi Home Ecosystem

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Mi home has their brand ecosystem called MiOT Ecosystem. MiOT Ecosystem is a large network of Xiaomi Smart Home’s devices and Xiaomi Smart Home appliances that bring the future to your door. Xiaomi applies the most recent technologies of manufacture and works with the most sought-after industrial designers to provide you with long-lasting and stylish-looking gadgets that make your life easier.

Mi Home - Malaysia - partnership
Mi home - Malaysia - partnership
Mi Home - Malaysia - partnership

Xiaomi Smart Home included 100+ brand of the product and all of them is from different aspect like lighting, homeware, security, appliances and so on. For example, MiniJ, SmartMi, Roborock, Yeeling, Aqara, and Philips are some famous brands in Mi Home ecosystem. All the product like air conditional, fan, television, washing machine, air purifier under the Mi Home ecosystem can control by Mi Home app. This proves that Xiaomi Smart Home can fulfil all your need in life in different aspect.

Affordable price

The product price of Mi Home Malaysia is actually at an affordable price for everyone. It is a good choice for those beginners to try the smart home system at low cost. Therefore, using Xiaomi Smart Home is a win-win situation that you can enjoy the smart home system at an inexpensive price. Affordable price of Mi Home makes smart home system getting popular in Malaysia.

Control in Chinese

For Xiaomi Smart Home, all the devices are controlled by Chinese. This is because Xiaomi Smart Home actually comes from China. The Mi Home app is in Chinese version so we need to speak in Chinese in order to voice control the devices. This is convenient for those Chinese users.

A Zigbee-powered system

Most of the Mijia product is using Zigbee to control the Mi Home system. Zigbee is low-power, so it provides longer battery life of the product. Compare with Wifi, using Zigbee can send the signal with the fastest way. Also, Zigbee product can remain function when your home is out of Wifi connection. Therefore, if the Wifi connection got break down will not affect the Xiaomi Smart Home’s devices too.

Xiaomi Mi Home App

When you get ready of all the devices in your home and now you need to use the Mi Home app to add the devices into the complete system. All the step are simple and easy, just follow the instruction and you can create your smart home by simple click. With the Mi Home app, you can set and control all the devices in your home by your phone.

How to link your smart products to Xiaomi Mi Home?

Step 1: Open Xiaomi Mi Home that you have downloaded from App store (iOS), or from Play Store (Android).
Step 2: Adding new devices

– TAP on the “+” symbol in the top right corner of the “MY DEVICE” Page.
– You’ll find a big list of all the Xiaomi Smart Home’s devices that you wish to add to the Xiaomi Mi Home app
Step 3: Adding WiFi device
– After select the device that you want to link
– You are required to input the WiFi network details and Password and then click next to connect your WiFi network of device.
– This will allow the device to connect directly with your router.
Step 4: Pair your phone with the devices
– It will show what your WiFi details and password
– Once the installation is complete, it will be directly added to your devices list on your phone or tablets

Aqara Smart Home

Aqara is owned by Lumi United Technology, and it is a spin-off brand of Xiami Smart Home for the US market. Therefore, Aqara is one of the brands in Mi Home ecosystem and Aqara products can control by Aqara Home app or Mi Home app. Aqara relies on a central hub that works with Alexa, HomeKit and Google Assistant, and can expose all of Aqara’s battery-powered sensors and smart gadgets to your voice-controlled smart home system of choice.

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