What is a smart alarm?

In the traditional alarm system, if your alarm goes off but you are not at home, then you’ll have to rely on your neighbor to check your house or call the police. The traditional alarm will not send you a notification of any issue happened; the only function it has is the loud siren. In contrast, imt smart home security systems do the same as a conventional smart alarm. However, imt smart alarm will alert you if you have an intruder and let you monitor your home. Therefore, you can monitor your home safety through the imt Smart Home’s app; imt Home even if you’re miles away from home. The common product in the imt smart alarm system is siren, wireless IP camera, vibration sensor and door sensor.

1. Siren

Firstly, like vibration sensor, motion detector and door lock, the siren will always connect to the whole smart alarm system. Siren alarm systems work by generating a loud, piercing siren sound when they’re triggered by intruders in and around your home. The loud siren sound will let you and your neighbors aware there is an issue in the house. Besides, when they’re set off, some siren alarms also emit flashing lights to attract even more attention to the issue. So, the siren is the most effective devices to protect your home safety when you are not at home.

2. Wireless IP camera

Next, the wireless IP camera effectively help you in protect safety even you are at home or not. It is commonly used in every house; this is because it is convenient in use and at an affordable price. With a wireless IP camera, you can online monitor your home safe from the imt Smart Home’s app; imt Home anytime, this is because all the security video will save on the cloud space. The IP camera can also be used as a motion sensor, detecting people from a distance of up to 7 meters. Furthermore, if the camera detects any strange movement, it will give you a notification through the imt Home.

3. Vibration sensor

Moreover, the vibration sensor also one of the imt smart alarm system products. You can install the vibration sensor on your wall, door and windows. For example, after you installed the vibration sensor on the window if the intruders trying to break your window and the vibration sensor detected. Then, the home siren will work and you may receive a notification from the imt Home too.

imt AI Security Door Sensor PRO/RF

4. Door sensor

You can also install a door sensor for added security in your home. The imt Home will be connected to the door sensor that is installed on the door. As a result, you may use the imt Home to control and monitor the door sensor history. It will display the doors open and closure times through the app. If you are not at home and the door is open, the app will alert you that you may have an intruder.

Traditional alarm VS Smart alarm


Traditional alarm

Smart alarm 

Security level


Relatively high







Maintenance difficulty



1. Security level

When we talk about the alarm system, both traditional alarm and smart alarm system is high in security level, however the smart alarm system is significantly higher than traditional alarm. This is because the smart alarm devices are connected to the app, and it will send a notification to you when the devices detected security issue. Therefore, when compared to standard alarm systems, the smart alarm is more active. For example, with the new imt Smart Home alarm system, whenever the smart security camera detects unusual movements, your smartphone will receive a notification, and you can examine the security footage immediately from your app before anything happens. In the other hand, the traditional alarm only will go off when something has happened.

2. Cost

What’s more, the traditional alarm is more expensive to install than a smart alarm. This is because a traditional alarm is a wired system, which means that if you want to install it, you’ll need to drill a hole in the wall and hire a professional to do so. As a result, traditional alarm systems are costly. The imt smart alarm systems, on the other hand, are wireless, so there is no need for wiring during installation. As a result, the price of a smart alarm is more accessible to people.

3. Flexibility

Last but not least, the flexibility of imt smart alarm is higher than the traditional alarm because the imt smart alarm devices are wireless and it is easy in disassemble. You can easily disassemble other smart alarm devices like door sensor, vibration sensor, siren, and security camera and replace it at another place. The smart alarm, on the other hand, is wireless and can be controlled using the imt Smart Home app, imt Home. Through the app, you can check where the error of the smart alarm is and maintain it. You don’t have to break the wall to check like with a traditional alarm system; instead, you can use an app that is both effective and time saving.

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