What is the best condo management system in Malaysia

Have a new condo but don’t know what is the best condo management system in Malaysia. Don’t worry in this article we will talk about what is the best condo management system in Malaysia and which smart home system suit the most for your smart condo.

Recommend smart condo management system

Door lock of the bedroom

1. Smart door lock

To begin with, every property need a door lock, but the standard door lock is no longer adequate for today’s security concerns. imt Smart Home recommends purchasing imt smart door locks since they are more secure and functional than ordinary door locks, as well as improving the security of your smart condo. For instance, if someone tries to breach the imt door lock 1S, it will activate the linked siren and send you a message. The typical door lock, however, is incapable of accomplishing this. Besides , the imt smart door lock 1S offers five unlock methods: fingerprint, password, app, card, and key. As a consequence, you can choose the most convenient technique for unlocking the door based on your requirements. Not only that, but you can use an app called imt Home on your smartphone to control the smart door lock.

Living room equip with Smart Lighting in ceiling and Smart lighting product

2. Smart lighting

Second, the lighting in your home can influence your mood. People nowadays are looking for comfort as well as aesthetics. You may modify the lighting in your home based on the mood with the imt smart lighting system. Traditional lighting systems however just have on and off function.Furthermore, the imt app is linked to all of the imt smart lighting in the house, allowing you to manage and control the lighting with a single click. You can also dimm lights for a movie night, go into warm mode for a better night’s sleep, and so on. Additionally, you may also establish a timer for the lighting system by connecting it to imt Home. On top of that, even if you are not at home, the light in the living room will switch on automatically at 7:00 p.m., giving the impression that someone is present to defend your home’s security.

Camera in house guarding

3. Smart security

imt Smart Home recommended condo owners to choose imt 360º AI guard camera for your smart security system. The imt outdoor AI guard is a waterproof camera with 1080P resolution, so it is suitable to install around your smart condor. In addition, the Google Assistant voice control is supported by the imt 360º AI guard, which you can manage using the app called imt Home. What’s more the imt 360º AI guard will save recorded security footage to an SD card, which you can access at any time and from anywhere using imt Home. Meanwhile, the imt 360º AI guard with the AI motion detection will analyze the people in video and it will send a notification to you when it is detected any unusual movement.

Curtain in living room

4. Smart curtain and blind

A smart curtain or blind system is necessary for the condor. This is due to the fact that employing a smart curtain or blind can preserve your privacy while you are not at home. Along with that, the imt smart curtain system can make your life more convenient. In particular, you can control the curtain close through imt Smart Home’s app; imt Home, voice command, or manually.Thus, you can set a timer for smart curtain like it will close at 7.00 AM and afternoon to shade the sunlight, and open automatically at 7.00 PM. Then you can enjoy the night view from your condor. Additionally, you can also use the imt Smart Home’s app; imt Home to create various scenes for your smart curtain such as a movie scene, vacation mode, or sleeping mode.

Living room with Smart home product

5. Smart sensors

imt Smart Home suggest every house should install the smoke sensor, motion detector, and water leak sensor. These sensors are crucial and useful in ensuring the safety of your home. For example, if you placed a smoke detector in your home, your phone will receive an alert notice if there is any smoke detected. Besides, the water leak sensor also functions in alert users if there is any water leak issue. Next, the motion sensor cans connected with your lighting system, if the motion detector detected the movement in the room and the light in room will switch on automatically. After you leave the room, the motion detector not detecting any movement and the light will switch off automatically. This can make your life easier.

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