How to start smart home installation?

Nowadays, smart home becomes a new trend in Malaysia, you may choose the most suitable smart home brand according to your need. For example, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Xiao Mi, or Amazon. Different smart home brand connect to different brand product, you may choose your favourite brand to start your smart home journey.

How can I make my house a smart home?

Install Difficulty




Smart product 

– CCTV system 
– App control air conditioner
– Television 

– Lighting 
– Fan 
– Switch 

– Door lock 
– Smart curtain system 

Different product has a different installation process, all the smart product installation process can separate in easy, middle, and hard category. For example, CCTV system, app control air conditioner, and television are easy in installation. Besides, smart lighting, fan, and switch are middle class of installation. Next, the hardest level of installation is smart door lock and smart curtain system.
Furthermore, there is a lot of products in the market and not all the product have guaranty in quality. If the installation has any error may have the safety concern. Additionally, the online product may have the maintenance issue and not all online seller will provide after sales service. Thus, 95% of Malaysian will choose a smart home provider like IMT to provide them with a full service from consult, planning, install, and after sales services. Because with smart home provider, you may enjoy your smart home but save time and energy.

5 steps to begin your IMT smart home installation:

Step 1: Experience

First of all, you can submit your requirement and schedule a visit to IMT smart center located in PJ. The IMT smart center located in PJ has the professional consultant to explain and help you in experience the smart life. Furthermore, IMT has another showroom which is self-experience showroom located in Setia Alam. Every smart devices in the self-experience showroom are labelled with the instruction, so the customer can experience the smart life without any pressure.

Step 2: Design
Secondly, after the consultation, IMT installation team will arrange a site visit to your house. Actual site visit can let the installation team more understand about the project house. Moreover, the installation team can measure and remark for the actual size of the devices. In this step, you need to pay 50% of total payment to IMT to continue the following planning. Thus, the consultant can planning the best scene and routine design of software and automation design for you.

Step 3: Installation
Next, after understand the requirement and the actual project house, IMT will start the smart home system installation process. IMT professional installation team will start all the software and automation setting. So, in this stage you need to pay for the rest of 50% of the total payment.

Step 4: Handover
Furthermore, when all the smart home system installation is done, IMT will provide you a system and manual. In this manual has stated some conditions of using the smart products. Meanwhile, IMT consultant will provide the customer training when handover the project. IMT consultant will make sure the customers are understand how to control their smart home device.

Step 5: After sales
Last but not least, IMT provided 7 days reliability test, you can test your smart home devices in these 7 days. If there is any issue within these 7 days, IMT will help you in solve the problem. Besides, all the IMT product have 1 year of product warranty. Additionally, 2/3 years of IMT care. Therefore, IMT not only prove you the good quality product in the affordable price, but the complete after sales services too.

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