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Malaysia Wired Smart Home VS Malaysia Wireless Smart Home

When talking about smart home there are two types of smart home, first is Wired Smart Home. Wired Smart Home is actually like the oldest version of the smart home. In Malaysia, mostly house still uses wired smart home but now after 5g technology have been released most of Malaysian tend to change to wireless smart home. This is because a wireless smart home is much affordable and easier to install. This is some pros and cons wired and wireless smart home. 

Smart Home 




Wired Smart Home

– Security Protected
– Reliability
– Onetime installation cost

– Expensive 
– Professional renovation worker needed
– Disassemble issues


Wireless Smart Home

– Convenient 
– Smart device control
– Simple installation
– Time-saving
– Home wall remain intact

– Cybersecurity issues
– Coverage issues
– Extra cost 


Pros of Malaysia Wired Smart Home

1. Security protected

In Malaysia, most of the Malaysian are choosing a wired security system. The wired security system like CCTV are connected by cabling, all the video are recorded and process through NVR (Network Video Recorder). So, the advantage of using wired CCTV is it will not affect by Wi-Fi connection when the Wi-Fi system is breaking down but the CCTV is still function. Besides, no one can hack into the wired, and the wired smart home is low-security risk.

2. Reliability

The wired smart home is reliable compare with wireless smart home. This is because the wired smart home system is connected with cable so it can make sure all the devices are connected and functional. Whatever the wire goes, you will get the connection. Thus, you won’t have problems like interference or range. For example, you won’t face problems like the car porch light not receiving signal.

3. Onetime installation cost

Meanwhile, the wired smart home installation can be done with the home renovation in once. However, the installation time will be longer than the wireless smart home, and it is time-consuming. In short, wired smart home no need extra installation cost but take longer time.

Wired installation on Smart Homes

Cons of Malaysia Wired Smart Home

1. Expensive

Although the wired smart home just need one-time installation cost but the cost is high and you need to pay all the cost in once. All the cost of install switches, wires, hubs, and workers payment are expensive. Besides, time is money, long installation time of wired smart home is also an expensive cost. Consequently, expensive is the biggest disadvantage of wired smart home.

2. Professional renovation workers needed

Moreover, install wired smart home need the professional renovation worker because there are certain safety regulations for installing a wired connection. Thus, if the wired smart home system installed by the professional technician can prove that your connection is perfect. However, hiring a professional technician is costly.

3. Disassemble issues

Lastly, for wired smart home you cannot disassemble and move it easily. Due to the cabling issue, you are not available to bring your used wires to the new place. Therefore, when you move to a new house you need to pay for another expensive payment. On the other hand, the wireless smart devices can bring it to anywhere freely.

Smart product wired and wireless

Pros of Malaysia Wireless Smart Home

1. Smart device control

First of all, you may choose a wireless smart home since it is provide you with a comfort and convenient life. Without wire system, you can control all your home devices by any number of home control devices. For example, you can use the smartphone application to control the lighting or curtain in your home. Besides, you can also control your home devices by voice control. Different control ways can fulfil every different need.

2. Simple installation

Moreover, different with complicated wired smart home, wireless smart home not involved in renovation. You don’t need to pay for the renovation workers in cabling, and it can reduce your cost. The process of install wireless smart home is simple. You just need to add the smart devices to the smart home application, then you can control your smart devices on your own.

3. Time-saving

Due to the process of install a wireless smart home system is simple. All the installation process can finish within one day. Therefore, you can save a lot of time in installing this make it is more effective.

4. Home wall remain intact

Apart from this, wireless smart home is not connecting with cabling, so you don’t need to drill holes in the wall. Thus, the home wall will remain intact. Meanwhile, you can move the wireless smart home freely with your need. For instance, when you are moving house you can continue to use the same smart devices.

Cons of Malaysia Wireless Smart Home

1. Cybersecurity issues

Even there is a lot of pros of wireless, the cybersecurity issue is the biggest problem of Malaysia wireless smart home. The wireless smart home system is connected to Wi-Fi, and it may hack by others. If your wireless smart home system hacked by other, the person can control your home devices or steal your data.

2. Coverage issues

Besides, in some of the cases show the system created a dark spot in the house. In this case, you won’t be able to control devices from these dark spots. For example, some of your lights may be unreachable. In the situation, you may spend the extra cost to solve this problem.

Living room with Smart home product

Reason why smart home price is affordable?

1. Hardware

In Malaysia, the price of the wireless smart home is affordable than wired smart home. From the hardware aspect, the wireless smart home just need the smart devices, not necessary to drill holes in the wall and install traditional switches. Consequently, wireless smart home price will be more affordable.

2. Installation & settings

Furthermore, the wireless devices can install and connect to the smart home system easily. This makes the installation time for the wireless smart home in short and effective. All the install process may be done within one day. You no need to pay extra cost for installation and professional workers. So, this makes the smart home prices affordable to everyone.

3. After sales services

Moreover, most of the Malaysian will choose a smart home provider to help them to structure their smart home. Smart home provider will provide you with different value packages, at the same time they provided after sales service to you. Therefore, you no need to pay for the extra service fees. The smart home structure planning, install and included the after sales service, this proves the smart home price are affordable.

After comparing these two types of smart home, we have a clear idea about the pros and cons of the wired and wireless smart home. To conclude this article, for those who don’t have big budget but want a smart home i suggest getting a wireless smart home. You can find a wireless smart home in Imt Smart Home. Imt Smart Home not only proves you the good quality product at an affordable price, But the complete after-sales services too.

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